The key to growing your fanbase is no longer making a great album. People's attention spans are way to short to wait for that.

What you need is consistency. Put out new music on a consistent basis and your fans will love you for it. Plus you'll always have something to promote

Now here's the cool thing. The hardest thing about working as a producer or studio session musician is consistent income.​ Someone cancels an album recording and that's your whole month out the window.

That's why we're offering massively discounted prices if you subscribe to a studio plan

Put simply, it will cost you less money to make more music


Great question

1. As a producer one thing that bothers me is the fact that my income is up and down from month to month. If I have consistency I'm prepared to charge a lot less per hour, meaning you get more studio time for your money.

2. Getting session players in for one song is expensive. Not only does the per song rate go up, you also have to cover all their expenses. So it's much better to book a session player for a day. It means the per song rate goes down, sometimes more than 50%. Because I always book session players in on a day rate to record multiple songs, I get much cheaper rates. This means you get the best players at a fraction of the cost.

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