We're incredibly passionate about songwriting. That's why we're always happy to help with the writing process, whether it's putting the finishing touches on a song or starting from scratch, we're here to help


We help you get the best out of your music by working with you to come up with arrangements that compliment your songs. We also work with an amazing team of world class musicians


Recording your songs to a professional standard is essential if you want your music to stand out. We use high end gear in treated rooms to ensure your music is recorded to the highest standard


When the recording's all done its time to get mixing, This is where we shine a light on all of the great performances we captured, whilst also  bringing out the nuances of the arrangement.





Gladeside Recordings is a complete music production service for songwriters and bands wishing to record their music to a professional standard. We provide everything you need to turn your ideas into a finished product.


We have a background in songwriting and arranging as well as audio production, so we can assist you from the moment inspiration strikes all the way through to receiving a finished mix.

We have also assembled an amazing team of session players who are always happy to come and work their magic on your tracks. So if you're thinking you might like a string section or a trumpet solo on a track we can make that happen.

The studio itself consists of a control room and isolation booth. Both are acoustically treated for optimal results when tracking and mixing. On occasions when more space is needed, we get great rates at a number of local studios. Only using bigger spaces when needed allows me to keep overheads low, which means you get better value.

Chris Fox

"After years of home recordings and frustration at things never being ‘quite right’, handing over to a professional was such a relief. As a highly accomplished singer songwriter and guitarist you get a lot more bang for your buck with Dan. He has a sensibility towards your musical stylings that is gentle but confident, helping all the while to elevate you to another level without disregarding your vision or aims."



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